Willamette iron meteorite (Tomanowos)

iron meteorite willamette tomanowos Willamette Meteorite (Tomanowos iron meteorite) – another massive iron meteorite that slammed into the earth and left no crater, yet is the largest meteorite in the USA!

Willamette iron meteorite

The strange shapes in the Willamette (Tomanowos) Meteorite is said to be due to weathering. Strange that a solid piece of iron, said to be part of a planets core, has survived the destruction of a planet, slammed into earth leaving no crater, had the Inuits smashing it for iron and yet weather has created the amazing shapes.

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Tomanowos iron meteorite

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Known as “Tomanowos” to the Clackamas, who lived in the Willamette Valley before the arrival of European settlers, the Meteorite is revered by the Clackamas and their descendants. According to the tradition of the Clackamas, Tomanowos has healed and empowered people in the Willamette Valley since the beginning of time. The Clackamas believe that Tomanowos came to the valley as a representative of the Sky People and that a union occurred between the sky, earth, and water when it rested in the ground and collected rainwater in its basins. The rainwater served as a powerful purifying, cleansing, and healing source for the Clackamas and their neighbors. Tribal hunters, seeking power, dipped their arrowheads in the water collected in the Meteorite’s crevices. – Willamette Meteorite agreement

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