White Horses Wiltshire, England

white horses wiltshire england White Horses Wiltshire England map, locations, directions and history (pdf) of all the Chalk Figures.

white horses wiltshire england map locations uffington

The White Horses of Wiltshire, England includes the famous and ancient Uffington White Horse. Other White Horses in the county are Marlborough White Horse (1804), Pewsey White Horse (1937 as original created in 1785 no longer existed), Alton Barnes White Horse (1812), Devizes Millenium White Horse (2000), Cherhill White Horse (1780), Westbury / Bratton White Horse (1778), Broad Town White Horse (1864) and Hackpen White Horse (1838).

Download the history and map of the White Horses Wiltshire, England (pdf)