Electric Universe theory geology | gEUlogy

No impact craters

Iron meteorites | largest meteorites found on earth = no impact craters?


The Birth of Rock | Malta

Outside stalagmites? | Death Stalagmites / Death Coral and the Birth Of Minerals
JohnPeel, Sliema, Malta | Amazing rock circle/powergon with quartz crystals

Natural Stone Balls/concretions | the source of the Tarxien Temples Stone Balls?

The end of the lines for Geology or man made?

strange limestone lines | electric treeing or normal geology?

Giant fulgurites or electrical discharges? | Amazing lines near Bingemma Gap Cart Ruts

SnakePlissken rocks! | The end of the lines for Geology?

Reg | Have you ever seen a rock line like this?

Douglas | Natural or man made Torba? X marks the spot and || + \ = N = 2V?

Sophie | Electrical Treeing or what on earth is it?

Poppie | Natures Electric discharge Tree

Bob the Boulder | Rock musical note shape and the Birth of Boulders (BOB)

Iwan | Amazing straight line – is it Malta Torba? Also the Birth of Rock?

wogemap | Pembroke location of these strange geology rock lines

Malta’s gEUlogy (Electric Universe geology)

St. Mark’s Tower, Bahar ic-Caghaq | de Redin tower and strange gEUlogy

Synclines, Malta | Spectacular Syncline | Fomm Ir-Rih Bay

St Peter’s Pool Malta | Magical swimming and snorkelling secluded Bay

Il-Maqluba crater legends | folklore/myth of land being turned upside down?

Bahrija, Malta | Crater or Doline and DIScussion on Carolina Bay craters

Mini and Micro Craters, Malta | If these are not mini Craters what are they?

Dingli Cliffs Malta | Geology or man made? Places to visit

Qollas (Buttes/Knolls/Hillocks) | Malta

Gozo – Qolla Safra | The strange small yellow twisted hill

Gozo – Qolla Merzuq (Tas-Salvatur Hill) | Ray of Light hill – old legends true in the EU?

Gozo – Qolla Bajda | The White Butte (Hillock)

Malta – Qolla Icke | Stone clad Butte and Peak Blue Clay Theory

Malta’s Cart Ruts/Tracks

Cart Ruts/Tracks on the islands of Malta

Natures triangles? | Malta Cart Ruts Triangles

Tetris Rocks | Strange shapes found around the Malta Cart Ruts

Norfolk n Good geology

Beeston Bump and beach, Norfolk | Giant flint circles, paramoudras and backbones

Beeston Regis beach, Norfolk | Giant flint backbones (Bathichnus Paramoudrae)

Merton Stone Norfolk | Englands largest glacial erratic?

Norfolks Shrieking Pits | iron ore diggings, mini Meres or EU craters?


Norfolk and England Meres | list of English Meres

Diss Mere Norfolk | Glacier Lake or EDM ‘Crater’ Lake?

Wretham Meres | self fullfilling prophecy! Crater chain?

Hingam Mere or Deopham Mere Norfolk | very round Mere in Norfolk

Tottington Mere | one of Brecklands fluctuating Meres

Stow Bedon Mere | are Norfolks Meres a variation of Carolina Bays?

Scoulton Mere | what do you see and read? not what are you told

Quidenham Mere | the wilderness, the Devils Oven Plantation …

Devil’s Punchbowl (Devil’s Mere) | located near Thetford, Norfolk, England

Saham Toney Mere | a tail of 2 eels?

Norfolks Meres | location, maps and coordinates

Norfolk Meres mysteries | mystery of the Meres

USA/American geology

Waffle Rock America photographs and geology report

Waffle Rock America | photographs and geology report

Utah | The geology of Utah – Virgin Anticline, Silver Sandstone, Buttes etc

Laccoliths | Pine Valley Mountains (PVM), Utah – Devils Tower, Wyoming

Red Beryl (Red Emeralds) | Very rare Bixbite Gemstone, Utah, USA

Silver Sandstone | Silver in sandstone? Article includes information on Sandstone Silver

gEUlogy around the world

Pitch Lake – La Brea, Trinidad | Largest natural Pitch/Tar/Asphalt lake in the world

Pitch Lake – Guanoco Lake (Bermudez Lake), Venezuela | Largest area Asphalt Lake

My precioussss… gemstones, minerals and metals | Photographs

Geology Forum

Craters | Why is their size determined by a gravity ratio?

Lichtenberg Figure Mountains | Earth as the trigger?

Waffle Rock, West Virginia | Can snowflakes provide a clue?

Dark/Black Earth | The Terramare culture and Burnt Mounds puzzle

Sedimentary layers | Electrofocusing (Electrophoresis) as a possible cause in the EU?

Geology in an Electric Universe (gEUlogy)

Other gEUlogy or Earth Catastophes sites

ancient destructions .com | Earths catastrophes explained in the EU (forum) | Electric Universe Planetary Science | Thunderbolts Picture Of the Day | Catastrophes and the Earth

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) | Global Catastrophes

God King Scenario | Global Catastrophes, Dark Ages, Impact Cratering on Earth

sites of interest and links

Free Energy and Free Thinking

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

PowerPedia: John Keely

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