Mundrabilla iron meteorite

mundrabilla iron meteorite irons australia The Mundrabilla iron meteorite and meteorite irons found around the Nullarbor Plain in Western Australia may have all been found above or just below the surface.

There are a number of large Mundrabilla iron meteorites but there are also the much smaller and strangely shaped Mundrabilla meteorite irons.
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In 1963, a prospector, Mr T. Dimer, claimed that he could locate an enormous iron meteorite that was reputed to be “as big as a motor car”. Rumours of a large meteorite on the Nullarbor had evidently circulated since at least 1944. Two unsuccessful expeditions to locate it were conducted during the 1960s. In April 1966, two large masses estimated to be 10-12 tons and 4-6 tons, later named Mundrabilla, were found approximately 200 yards (ca. 183 m) apart and described by the finders R. B. Wilson and A. M. Cooney.

The 12.4 tonne main mass (recently accurately weighed) of the Mundrabilla meteorite shower is the largest meteorite yet found in Australia. In all, some 22 tonnes of fragments of this ancient meteorite shower have been recovered.
Mundrabilla iron meteorite

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Mundrabilla iron meteorites (Australia) and meteorite irons

Meteorite irons include “thumb prints” and natural holes. They are not just found on Mundrabilla meteorites, other meteorite areas have meteorite irons around them also. This site, meteorite-martin .de, mentions other meteorite areas with meteorite irons. Are metoerite irons from “proper” meteorites or are they created by an electrical event in an Electrical Universe?

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Mundrabilla meteorite irons are strange little pieces of iron, twisted into odd shapes.

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