Mbozi meteorite irons Tanzania?

mbozi meteorite tanzania iron Mbozi iron meteorite Tanzania is a massive Earth meteorite and again it has no impact crater!

Why and how do the worlds largest pieces of natural iron – these iron meteorites – have no impact crater?

Why are these smaller and mega iron meteorites found on or just below the surface with no sign of a meteor impact crater?

With its strange shape and hole in it the Mbozi iron meteorite looks like a larger version of a meteorite iron, like those found in Australia.

mbozi iron meteorites no crater africa

Mbozi Meteorite is located at Marengi Hill in the Mbozi District of Southern Tanzania, its borders with Malawi and Zambia. The meteorite is three-meters-long and one-meter-wide object and weighs some 16 tonnes and consists of 90 per cent iron, about 9 per cent nickel, and small amount of cobalt, copper, sulfur, and phosphorus.

No one is sure when the meteorite fell, but it must have been long ago. W. H. Nolt, a land surveyor from Johannesburg reportedly found it in October 1930. The meteorite is presently standing on a stone altar, a product of a trench dug around it. The meteorite has remained in its original landing place.
Ever Visited Mbozi Meteorite, Tanzania?

mbozi meteorite irons

Mbozi iron meteorite Tanzania video

(quote from the Mbozi iron meteorite video above) The area around it bare – found on a sloping hill – top protuding from the soil – stones places underneath it so it can be seen where it was found

gEUlogy and iron meteorites

Perhaps the stunning fact that all the earth meteorites are found without an impact crater – when they way over 10 tonnes each – can be simply explained. They are not iron meteorites but were formed where they were found. With the Mbozi iron meteorite in Tanzania the fact that it is found on the side of a sloping hill would suggest that in an Electric Universe the Mbozi meteorite was formed when the hill was created during some Electric Universe event in the area.