Iron meteorite – Earths largest meteorites but no impact craters?

iron meteorite chondrite meteorites earth impact craters geology Iron meteorites are the largest meteorites found on earth. Strangely the largest iron meteorites discovered on earth have never been found with an impact crater.

Even some of the smaller and middle sized iron meteorites have no impact crater but are found where they landed (without impact). Or where they were formed?

iron meteorite impact craters desert

iron meteorite no impact craters in the sandy desert?

The standard answers and theories for why there are no craters around these iron meteorites involve them all having landed on ice sheets during ice ages or having been washed into place.

The chance of this happening to all of the largest meteorites found are very slim to impossible. Maybe they are not glacial erratic meteorites, maybe they are formed where they are found.

And how or does this link to Glacial erratic rocks like Norfolks Merton Stone?

Iron meteorite list

Hoba meteorite (Hoba West iron meteorite)
Cape York iron meteorites
Willamette iron meteorite (Tomanowos meteorite)
Mundrabilla meteorites in Australia and Mundrabilla meteorite irons