Glacial erratic iron meteorites and rocks

iron meteorites uk england earth no impact craters Glacial erratic rocks are rocks that do not belong geologically to the area they are found. Geology explains this by saying they were pushed or moved there by glaciers or massive flood waters. Perhaps they were formed where they were found?

Glacial erratic iron meteorites and rocks?

In an Electric Universe local minerals and material can be changed into other minerals and shapes, that is what has happened to metamorphic rocks. Are these large and unique iron meteorites created where they were found? This would explain why all the large iron meteorites, the largest single pieces of natural iron on Earth, have not formed any impact craters but are found on or just below the surface.

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Hoba iron meteorite – no impact crater? How? Why?

Are they glacial erratic meteorites or are they Electric Universe gEUlogy, created where they are found?

the merton stone - east anglian glacial erratics stones rocks merton norfolk - britains largest glacial erratic

Strange glacial erratic rocks include the Merton Stone. The actual geological properties of the Merton Stone are disputed but what is not is that it is found in a large depression, a pit of Marl. Marl is a calcium carbonate or mud rich with lime. The Hoba West meteorite has limestone and calcium carbonate on and around it.

If all the largest iron rich meteorites are found on or just below the surface and with no crater does this suggest they are not of extra terrestrial origin but were formed where they are found?