Uffington White Horse

uffington white horse wiltshire englandThe oldest and most interesting of all the White Horses lying as it does on the northern escarpment of the Berkshire Downs above the village of Uffington. The Ridgeway Path runs along the top of the Downs.

The ancient earthwork above the Uffington White Horse is known as Uffington Castle Hill Fort. For over 900 years references to this horse have appeared in various documents. In the 14 century the Uffington White Horse was listed as being the 2nd wonder of Britain, while Stonehenge was the 1st.
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Qiemuerqieke Cemetery – Stone man – Guardian of the soul – Part 2

burqin county Xinjiang china burial objects tombs chinese china Qiemuerqieke Cemetery – Stone man – Guardian of the soul – Part 2

The following text is the intro part of the documentary that can be found here http://english.cntv.cn/program/documentary/20110408/100006.shtml (issue with loading and buffering speed)

This Chinese film is about the Qiemuerqieke Cemeteries in Xinjiang, China and the Singing Black Stones of Altai. You can find more about the mysterious Qiemuerqieke Cemetery and the natural or meteor Singing Black Stones here.

In the depths of Mt Tianshan in Xinjian lies Hutabi County. There is a small place called Kangjia Shimenzi. Among the mountains of Shimenzi there stands a towering cliff formed by layers of red sandstones. At the bottom of the cliff is a rock painting of 100 square meters, which proves to be a rare specimen of fertility worship. The artists were nomadic Serbians who lived 3000 years ago.
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