Cape York iron meteorite

cape york iron meteorite tent Ahnighito Women Cape York iron meteorites are separate lumps of iron but have been grouped together as fragments of the same iron meteorite, as they are found around the same location. The iron pieces known as the Women and the Dog were found about 25 meters from each other on the mainland and Ahnighito was found on an island. They were found above the ground and with no visible crater around them, even for the largest one called Ahnighito.

Cape York iron meteorite

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Cape York iron meteorite fragments – The Women

The Cape York iron meteorite known as The Women was used by the local Inuits as a source for iron. No hard rocks are found in the area so they had to bring in hammerstones made of basalt and over 10,000 were found around the iron meteorite.

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Locals tell a story that the meteorites were once a sewing woman and her dog who were cast from heaven by an evil spirit. Ahnighito (the island) was the tent that sheltered them.