Altay meteorite Xinjiang, China (iron meteorite)

Altay meteorite Xinjiang China iron stony chinese meteorites Altay meteorite Xinjiang China (sometimes called Aletai) is another massive stony iron meteorite found with no crater and on the surface of the earth, this time high up in the remote Chinese Altay Mountains.

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Stony iron meteorites on Earth – Altay meteorite Xinjiang China

The Altay meteorites (stony iron meteorite) exact location has not been revealed but it is in the same area as the famous 28 ton Xinjiang iron meteorite (Armanty iron meteorite).

Astronomers inspect a big stony-iron meteorite that was found in Altay prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on July 17, 2011. The above-earth part of the rock is 2.2 meters long and 1.25 meters tall, with a width of 1.2 meters (average data). Its weight is estimated at 25 tons.
Meteorite found in Xinjiang

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Stony iron meteorites found in China – Aletai (Altay) Xinjiang

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chinese iron meteorites xinjiang aletai altay china

Chinese iron meteorites located in the Xinjiang Prefecture near Altay City (Aletai) China